Eagle's Perch

Iconic top floor bedroom with attached deck. Warm wood tones and unique design elements give this room the most charm. Sleep room is perched on top of the building providing views down the valley and of the treetops

Raven's Roost

Comfortable and spacious, the Raven's roost is the largest of the rooms, with easiest access to the lodge building

Bear Cave

Our smallest and coziest room tucked into the hill on the bottom story of the sleep tower.  Features a queen size bed, ample storage, and forest views

Wolf's Den

Dormitory style room with bunk bed


Constructed in 2018, the lodge contains the kitchen and living room.  The entire South facing wall is glass, making the space fell open and connected to the forest.  Full size kitchen with most things needed for a stay, wood fired stove for extra heat in the winter, and plenty of games for a rainy day


The bathhouse contains all of the bathrooms for the bed and breakfast, one watercloset, one shower room, and one fully featured bathroom.  

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